Friday, September 23, 2011

Difficult Quilt (for me, anyway)

So, I'm working on what is the most time-consuming and intricate quilt I have made to date.  That's not to say it will take the longest, or that it's technically that hard, it's just a lot of little pieces, which is something that either I have avoided or that just doesn't appeal to me.  It's Freckled Whimsy's charm pack quilt-along.  Yes, I am more than a year late to the party.  But it's cool, and I discovered it to late to actually quilt along.  So after working on it for about 3 weeks (among other things), I have 6 out of 25 blocks finished.

A very small number of block parts fully trimmed (this is the worst part... so tedious)

A large number of  square block parts waiting to be trimmed.

A large number of triangle block parts waiting to be trimmed, and even more that have yet to be sewn.

Two per day, that's my goal (breathes into paper bag).  I started the two per day thing two days ago, and I'm doing well.  I've completed one of my two for today.  I hope this quilt is TOTALLY worth it.  I'll let you know.

In other news, here is a 7 lb puppy sleeping in the crate that belongs to 100 lb Daemon.  Obligatory cute puppy picture anyone?

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