Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thanks for joining me

So, everyone in the world has a blog, right?  Why does the world need one more?  To be honest, it probably doesn't.  But that hasn't stopped anyone else, right?  So join me in a glass of wine and let me tell you why I want to join in the fun.

1.  I quilt.  I have wanted to quilt for some time, but it was a sad day in April, 2009 when I actually started.  My wonderful grandmother had had a stroke, and we didn't know whether she would live (she didn't, but we were all able to say goodbye, and I like to think she knew we were there).  My sister and I had driven 12 hours through a snowstorm in Wyoming and Colorado and then caught a plane to North Carolina when Dad called with the news.  Not sensible, but we had to.  You know how it is.  While we were home, we drove past a fabric store and went in to kill some time.  My sister said she'd like a quilt, and I said OK, lets pick out fabric and I'll make you one.  So, my first project was a queen size quilt.  I didn't even own (or know how to operate) a sewing machine at that point, but that is how I roll.  I was able to show my first pieces to my grandmother.  She would have been pleased to see me being crafty.

2.  Most of what I learned about quilting came from wonderful blogs I've found.  I would be a much worse quilter without the tips and tutorials quilters generously post.  Maybe I can help by posting my own tips one day, or maybe I can just post pictures that will inspire others to create, or maybe my mom will like reading about what I'm doing.

3. Speaking of my family, many of them, and my friends, are far away.  Hopefully this will help us feel more connect and give them a peek into my everyday life.

4. Besides quilting, my everyday life involves three main things.  First, I have two dogs and three cats upon whom I dote.  You will hear more about them, whether you want to or not, believe me.  I also foster dogs and puppies, so I generally have up to nine animals in my house at a time.  I work part time at a holistic, upscale pet supply store because I like to educate people about their animals.  I am obsessed, it's true.  When I get into something, I really do it-see first quilt, above.  I will this blog to talk about my critters, which I love to do, and do a bit of lecturing from my soapbox, no doubt.  Second, I love to read, generally about 100 books per year.  Mostly audiobooks at this point.  Multitasking is great.  If I read something interesting or just generally awesome, you'll hear about it.  Third, and unfortunately, I do chores.  I feed my animals raw, so there's much kitchen mess and I have a lot of fur to deal with, plus the mess that a 30 year old guy makes just by breezing through the house.  Since I like a tidy, if not spotless, home, much time is spent on this.  Hopefully you will hear nothing about it, but everyone needs to bitch once in a while.

So, there's a photo before this gets out of control.  That is Leda in front of the quilt.  She is a three year old cat who I bottle raised, along with her brother Loki, after their mother was hit by a car.  My first and only two foster failures.  The quilt was made for my aunt's birthday this year.  I like to think she shares my aesthetic, so I made her a quilt I would love to have for myself.  It is Cluck, Cluck Sew's Skipping Squares pattern and it is awesome.

Oh, PS, in case it wasn't clear, I enjoy my fair share of wine, and my favorite color is purple.

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